Saint Barth a kitesurfing school in the Caribbean

Known to most as Saint Barth, the island of the French West Indies – now called Overseas collectivity of transalpine State – is a very popular Caribbean Pearl for his social life, to the breathtaking views and the beautiful beaches. In the Atlantic side of the island, the wildest, the trade winds blow consistently throughout the year but are unlikely to exceed 20 knots. A paradise for lovers of kitesurfing, also and especially beginners, because the particular wind conditions give the possibility to approach this discipline with relative ease and the necessary security.

Kite Surfing, Fun in the Ocean, Extreme Sport

Kite Surfing, Fun in the Ocean, Extreme Sport

In Saint Barth you can take courses with a local school authorized by the French Federation of Kitesurfing. The sisvolgono lessons mainly in the lagoon Cul De Sac, where the shallow waters and coral reefs create a kind of natural pool and facilitate anyone wishing to approach for the first time in this discipline. The cost per person for a lesson of one hour is 145 €, with the possibility to choose longer for training packages or for two or more people. E ‘can also rent the necessary equipment. Before you buy it is in fact advisable to take at least 3-4 lessons and take the time to learn the basics and evaluate their own learning and familiarity with the tools. For those who want to improve the skills already acquired it is provided lessons in deeper waters, where winds blow stronger. If the wind is too calm the solution is at hand: just move a few kilometers to the north, on the white beach of Colombier Beach.

The best time to take full advantage of the natural vocation of Saint Barth for kitesurfing is the one that runs from November to April, which is the high season. To reach Saint Barts you have to fly to the nearby international airport of Saint Martin and then reach the island with a local flight.
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August 3, 2016