the Caribbean and Northern Europe, the top ten favorite destination

Sun, sea and relaxation: the white beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are always the most sought after destinations for holidaymakers. But also the northern European landscapes exert a strong appeal as well as Spain and her islands. Detects a survey conducted by MSC Cruises, the largest privately held company of cruises in the world and market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa, in collaboration with the forum of the most recognized cruise, posed the question, “Where would you like to spend the summer 2016? “.
The Caribbean are awarded, therefore, when the podium of the top 10 most popular destinations of the summer of 2016, with 57% of the votes (respectively: Miami wins with 25%, Mexico is the second step of the podium with 22 % and then follow the Bahamas and Jamaica, with 6% with 5% of the votes). After the Caribbean, on the other hand, placing the countries of Northern Europe, which together receive 17% of the vote; very well gettonata Spain, where the Balearic Islands attract 11% of vacationers sympathies.
“I am not surprised by the outcome of this survey he sees on the podium and the Caribbean Northern Europe among the favorite destinations for cruise passengers. Northern Europe has always been one of the most popular destinations for our guests, who like to be the route that leads to the discovery of the elegant Baltic capitals, both the romantic and enchanting of the Norwegian fjords, “said Leonardo Massa, Italy Country Manager of MSC cruises.

August 8, 2016